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Key Management

Pradeep Bansal

A pillar of strength professionally and punctual in his personal life. He has given more than 40 years of his life to this business. The man behinds companies success since decades. He sees the objectives and aim of the business in a more practical and rational manner. He encourages for a more organised and systematic day-to-day work of the business. His personal relation with the customer since years has given the company a strong base to expand its operations.

Kuldeepak Bansal

He joined the business in 2005 and made an immediate impact in the growth of the company. His strong ability to forecast market condition helped him to capture the market. Kuldeepak's vast knowledge and fearless attitude helps the business to outplay the competitor in all departments. His idealistic and ambitious natures helps him to meet his business goals in a smooth and quick manner.

Ankush Bansal

Kuldeepak's brother, Ankush joined the business in 2017. An MBA graduate, he has given a shape and structure to day-to-day business operations. He takes care of the import and export of the business. His efforts help the business to get continuous feedback from the customers. Stock level control, research and development of range of products, branch and dealer development are some of his way to maximise business efficiency.

Core team

The business cannot work efficiently without its hard-working and trustworthy employees.
All the branch offices have a manger who has been associated with the business since a long time. An annual function at the end of each financial year is organised at the head office for them to share the experience. A complete planning and objectives for each branch office is set separately. The company also rewards each year to the best employee of the year.

It is always important to keep the team motivated towards achieving the target for that year. Each member is individually guided and trained throughout the year to increase their efficiency.