Key Management


Our Proprietor is the most experienced and root of the company. He has held the company together since 1972. A dynamic person who sets his goals high and achieves it with ease and poise.

A follower of early to bed, early to rise, his day starts at 5 o'clock in the morning. His willpower and determination is as strong as any of these heavy machines. He believes that customer is the king and says 'Customer's satisfaction is best return on investment'.


He thinks out of the box. Kuldeepak Bansal, one of the directors, has expanded the line of business to a new level. A graduate from Xaviers, Kuldeepak started working early in his life. From taking dealership of various brands to interacting with open economy, he has always welcomed new challenges.

He says 'There is no end to work. The fast growing world allows us to interact with customers sitting across the world.' A walking office (as everyone refers to him), Kuldeepak requires nothing but his phone to work entire day.